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If you are on this website, the chances are that you want to know what the best electronic cigarette brand is. The truth is that what’s best for you depends on the features you expect from your electronic cigarette. For example, do you want to go by taste? Or do you want to go by price? Or do you want to select an electric cigarette based on the quality of the product? If you belong to the latter group, we suggest that you read our electronic cigarette review which we based on a relatively different set of criteria.

What are the Best Rated Electronic Cigarette Brands?


What’s the BEST electronic cigarette brand? BEWARE of LOW-quality E-cigs

Different brands of electronic cigarettes bear different features, with each commanding a liking from fans based on what they prefer most in their smoking life. Some of the common brands include NJOY and Blu which are among the most popular electronic cigarettes in the market.

The BEST RATED ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE brand is from this company. You can read about it on The Best E-cig Review. Why do we rate it as the BEST rated E-cig? Because they have laboratory tested their product and obtained the following three certificates.

  1. CE certificate of compliance
  2. RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  3. EMC

Other electronic brands that are very popular

BEWARE that, even though we list those other brands below, that  we don’t actively promote them. The ONLY BRAND we can confidently recommend to you is this as it has been tested by independent laboratories.

The NJOY brand for instance is an all in-one design with a long lasting battery and a flavor that is a favorite among several electronic cigarette users. Like all electronic cigarettes, the NJOY brand is far much less harmful, it does not produce ashes, it is 100% odorless, the liquid is battery heated and the tobacco flavor is rich. The NJOY electronic cigarettes come in three distinct models including NGAR, NCIG and NPRO, each with a unique electronic cigarette cartridge. All the three models contain nicotine in varying strengths which are generally categorized into four groups namely regular, light, ultra light and zero. Its flavors include Apple, menthol, Strawberry, Tobacco, and Vanilla among others.

The Blu brand on the other hand is a purely water vapor electric cigarette with no tar, tobacco, ash or smoke. The pack is rechargeable and acts both as a case and mobile charger at the same time. Each of its cartridges is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes! Additionally, the Blu brand is famous for being the first to come up with the on-the-go technology that allows users to keep their cigarettes in charging mode as they move around.

Other brands include V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Smoke Tip, Volcano E-Cig, Luci, Modern Vapor, Crown7, Gamucci, Apollo Cigs, Vapor4Life, Vapor King and V2 Cigs brand which is ranked among the fasted growing electronic cigarette brands, with economy kits that new users can try out to get that crucial first feeling. Most brands have models that contain nicotine as well as others that don’t.

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